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Jasmine Lee 李穎雯(b. 1994, UK) is a British-Born-Chinese artist, third generation of Chinese diaspora, living and working in Birmingham, UK. She was influenced by late 2000s STEM education (STEM is an acronym in the UK education system for science, technology, engineering, and math disciplines), before she studied fine art at university. Lee has shown artworks previously in the Midlands, the Science Centre in Stoke-on-Trent, and exhibited works in London, Rome, Venice, and Chios. 

Her love of puns and wordplay appears frequently as titles, which stems from being bilingual, and fascination with semantics of the English language. Lee's interest extends towards code-switching between visual and language interpretations in (or intervened by) new media. The linguistic vis-à-vis visual information are vocalised in her curated works: Molecular Structures (2015), ... (2017), Confined spaces in superficial places (2021), and more recently the site-specific, On Sight, Off Sight (2023) installation. There is an interest in artificiality and the innately real.



Part of the works are annexed as school and medical trauma. Lee is aiming to connect the work with racial trauma; however, there is not yet the visual evidence in the artworks to suggest this. Lee is considering the ethical dilemmas with this strand of research; as a person who has experienced different cultures (through vicarious learning) for two generations (transgenerational transmission), she finds it unfair to base her research on one ethnic culture. 

Jasmine Lee is currently a studio holder at Stryx, and is a member of Amass Collective, RBSA friends, and EOP at Eastside Projects. Her first solo show: Lines of incidences is in 2024. The curatorial outlook of the show is layered; one to interrogate the role of technology within art history, and another to examine the location of the work away from the space it was once found in. It is a culmination from her BA (2013-17) and MA Fine Art (2020-21) research modules.

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