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Inhale Exhale, 2014

Inhaled Text

'Rebirth' of the ideas 10 years onwards, in 2024: Inhale Exhale was a university project at Staffordshire University, curated by artists and first year BA Fine Art students: Jasmine Lee, Damian Massey, Tia Campbell, Abigail Davidson, Sarah Gorman, Mitchell Hughes, Jake Morrey, and Amy Staton. The 'hospital' thematic show is a response to the artists' individual ideas around birth and death; growth and decay. It also reflects the architecture of hospital and academic spaces. Such spaces are often places of healing the self, but are also places associated with trauma.

The 'waiting room' at the entrance of Inhale Exhale represented a state of uncertain flux in the show. A space of waiting to be seen, waiting to see what's happening, and waiting for results.

Exhaled Text

Original text in 2014: The exhibition was organised into an image of a hospital ward consisting of a reception area at the entrance and overall a sterile environment which the artwork was incorporated into. The hospital ward environment for Inhale Exhale was most suitable because it seemed to be a central piece which tied all the artworks together as a whole and made the viewers have a sense of what the exhibition was about as soon as they walked into the gallery space. 

With thanks to Stephen Boyd and Mally Mallinson at Staffordshire University for overseeing the project in 2014.

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