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∞ Without the In Artwork, 2014

∞ Without the In was shown in the exhibition, Extracts in 2014 at Staffordshire University. The project was exploring the theme of space. My reinterpretation of the universe, in reality, is portraying the incomprehensible; is made with materials I already know how to use before formal art education - to represent a view only astronauts have seen first hand, and then mediated by photography and video and disseminated onto the news, books, social media, and the internet. This was presented at the threshold of the Level 4 (first years' Fine Art students) space. The corridor in limbo of the corporeal references Campbell's monomyth.

∞ Without the In


Installation made out of Acrylic Paint and Paper

With thanks to Anna Francis, Stephen Boyd, Mally Mallinson, Jessica Longmore, and Steve Ashton at Staffordshire University.

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