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On Sight, Off Sight Artwork, 2023

Shown at the closing event of Amass Collective's Aftermath - Asylum Art Gallery, based in the West Midlands. The materials used to suspend the photographs (e.g., wool, cable ties), questions the translation of material items in the photographs (e.g., the blankets depicted in one photo), into gallery spaces with industrial characteristics that was once a disused space. There is also a dimension of off-site work being brought into the space, juxtaposed with works created on-site. ‘On Sight, Off Sight’, is a pun to explore the eye sight of photography, and is transferred onto something that's three-dimensional; even becoming something that's harvested for digital consumption away from the physical site. 

On sight, Off sight


Photographs, Wool, Bolt, Nut, Safety Pins, Staples, Cable Ties

Dimensions N/A

Shown at Asylum Art Gallery, Wolverhampton in 2023

With thanks to members of the Amass Collective and the team at Asylum Art Gallery.

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